NRELの研究者が、窓のエネルギー性能の寿命を評価するための強化された方法を開発。(NREL Researchers Developing Enhanced Methods for Evaluating Window Energy Performance Lifespan)


2022-11-18 米国国立再生可能エネルギー研究所(NREL)






複層ガラスおよび真空複層ガラスユニットの耐久性評価強化のためのガイドラインと仕様 Guidelines and Specifications for Enhanced Durability Evaluation of Insulating Glass and Vacuum Insulating Glass Units

Watts, Alliston; Shah, Bipin; Tenent, Robert C.

OSTI.GOV  Published:2022-09-08



The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has conducted research into durability of advanced fenestration technologies for almost thirty years. NREL has recently begun to research potential methods to enhance durability evaluation of present market insulating glass units (IGU). This document outlines a proposed process flow for adoption of these methods by interested parties. The proposed evaluation process flow described below is still a topic of active research at NREL as well as with industry partners. NREL will periodically update this document based on research results, both internal and external to NREL that may inform development of improved durability evaluation. This document is also meant to serve as a guideline for interested parties who may wish to engage in enhanced durability evaluation of IGU’s both internally or with external testing laboratories. NREL will work to support adoption of the suggestions in this guideline by interested partners in the hope that these practices are more broadly adopted by the industry. Further research into this area will continue to inform both adaptations of this guideline as well as development of improved durability evaluation standards.