酸化グラフェンの研究がスマートコンクリートのケースを強化(Graphene oxide study strengthens the case for smart concrete)


2023-12-05 ロイヤルメルボルン工科大学(RMIT)



3Dプリントセメント系モルタルの強度向上に酸化グラフェンの利用を探る Exploration of using graphene oxide for strength enhancement of 3D-printed cementitious mortar

Junli Liu, Phuong Tran, Thusitha Ginigaddara, Priyan Mendis
Additive Manufacturing Letters  Available online: 21 June 2023

Fig 4


•The addition of graphene oxide (GO) to cement-based composites improves their mechanical characteristics.
•Two doses of GO were evaluated: GO-0.015 and GO-0.03 (GO-to-binder weight ratios).
•The inclusion of GO at both concentrations enhanced the compressive strength of the printed specimens under various loading directions.
•The gain in strength was greater for GO-0.015 (10%) than for GO-0.03 (5%).
•Underfill in the GO-0.03 specimen produced significant voids between filaments, which undermined the benefits.


Graphene oxide (GO) sheet as a nanomaterial has been incorporated into cement-based composites to improve mechanical properties. This study investigates the effectiveness of GO sheets in enhancing the compressive strength of 3D-printed cementitious mortar. Two dosages of GO are investigated, including the GO-to-binder weight ratio of 0.015% (GO-0.015) and 0.03% (GO-0.03). Experiment results showed that adding GO at both dosages improved the compressive strengths of printed specimens in different loading directions. However, the strength improvement in GO-0.015 (∼10%) was more significant than GO-0.03 (∼5%). Although the scanning electron microscopy analysis demonstrated the cement matrix shared similar levels of microstructure densification in GO-0.015 and GO-0.03, the material underfill in 3D-printed GO-0.03 specimen due to its lower flowability generated large voids between filaments. Consequently, large voids acting as additional weakness offset the positive effects of GO on strength improvement in the 3D-printed specimen of GO-0.03.