気候変動がもたらすコンクリートへの複雑な影響(Climate Change Creates Complications for Concrete)


ピット大学の研究者たちが、急激な気温の変化がコンクリート舗装道路に与える影響を調査。 Pitt Researchers Examine Effect of Sharp Air Temperature Variations on Concrete

2022-11-14 ピッツバーグ大学






気候変動と都市部のヒートアイランドがコンクリート道路の劣化に与える影響 Effect of climate change and urban heat islands on the deterioration of concrete roads

Sushobhan Sen,Haoran Li,Lev Khazanovich

Results in Engineering  Available online: 31 October 2022




•Concrete pavements are an important component of infrastructure.
•Climate generates thermal gradients and stresses.
•Concrete pavement performance is sensitive to changes in daily temperature range.
•Climate change may increase fatigue damage and reduce service life.
•Thicker pavements are more susceptible to increased fatigue damage.


Concrete pavements constitute a relatively small portion of US roadways but carry a disproportionately high volume of traffic. The potential deterioration in the long-term performance of these pavements due to climate change and the Urban Heat Island (UHI), however, has received little attention. To evaluate pavement performance, the present study considered thick and thin concrete pavements in the desert climate of Phoenix, AZ and the continental climate of Boston, MA using the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (PavementME). To simulate potential climate change and UHI, the daily minimum and maximum air temperatures were uniformly and independently increased and the change in pavement damage as compared to the existing climate was evaluated. It was found that the change in damage had a strong, positive correlation with the change in Diurnal Temperature Range (DTR). This can be explained by the increase in concrete stresses due to combined applications of highly non-uniform temperature distributions through the slab and heavy truck loads. These stresses in turn affect the development of cracks in the pavement and hence its long-term performance. Additional variability in the DTR during each day of the service life further enhances this effect. It was found that increasing the thickness of concrete pavements actually leads to a greater sensitivity to change in DTR.

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